• @Velocio

    So I didn't end up getting the RC frame.

    I contacted Chan, even agreed to take the wheels too, paid the sum on Monday as he wanted a quick sale and arranged for @snottyotter to pick it up.

    The next morning, I received a message that Chan had refunded me the amount, that he didn't see the DIBS from @alchemist on Facebook and yeah, it's going to him instead. This is despite us chatting for the good part of Sunday and Monday and payment was made Monday night.

    Here's the backstory, @alchemist was at polo on Monday night where I was obviously excited and was chatting with the players how I'm gonna build the bike, even agreed where and with what parts I'll get it built. He didn't mention a word about his DIBS and nothing at all, no indication that he'll do what he did.

    So yeah, I guess his price war comment above is real.

    Gutted is an understatement and good to know I have such friends who for the record I did help when he was in the dumps. I helped without hoping for anything in return and yeah just got rewarded with a slap on the face.