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  • Rules just state fuly self supported no word on pre booking or anything else for that matter.

    I'll personally be taking the moral high ground and booking as i arrive... hopefully.

    Don't think Netherlands has any weird Hi Viz laws to look out for or any other obscure laws?

  • You sure?¬≠l/manual-ratn-2019.pdf

    Riders must be fully self-supported.
    Accept no help that others couldn't also receive along the way.
    Using any form of social media to broadcast requests for help is forbidden.
    Riders are responsible for finding food, water, accommodation, laundry, bike store services
    and anything else they may need along the way. Any service utilized must be available to all

    Friends and family are welcome to visit riders during the event to offer encouragement or
    take pictures, but they must not offer any material support or food of any kind.
    Booking accommodation before the event is not allowed.
    You are allowed to book accommodation when the event starts.

  • Bikes are demanded to have:
    a working brake,
    a bell,

    And when riding in the dark:
    a white light at the front,
    a red light & reflector at the back (can be one combined item),
    amber reflectors on both sides of the pedals,
    reflective stripes on the tyres, or wheel rims.

    There are hardly ever any checks done on these last demands*, just be sure to carry working lights.

    except for some places where the police force is training new staff, like I happen to live in.


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