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  • Werewolf Woody
    Monster Max
    Morbid Matt
    Mummy Miles
    Trick or Tim
    Terrible Tony
    Vampire Vangelis
    Jack 'O Lantern Jess
    Putrid Phil
    Midnight Mya
    Bride of Chukker
    Apparition Adam H
    Blood thirsty Bianca
    Axe wielding Anna
    Ghoulish Georgie
    Devilish Dagmara
    Corpse Cam
    Frightening Frax
    Spooky Emmet
    Deathly Danielle
    Creepy Charlie (girl)
    Rotting Robbie
    Lycan Lex Luther
    Jackhammer Joe
    Clown Face Charlie (he/him)


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