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    1. Staying in a really rough place where the guy told me to stay indoors with his kids as a fight was about to break out with his neighbour next door. His place was an absolute mess and he had mates staying on his sofa. I spent the whole night on edge. Despite that though, he was genuinely really nice to me - gave me pizza and a spare new panaracer pasela as i needed a new tyre, and I could tell they had very little money.
    2. A guy with chronic Lyme's disease (I wasn't convinced) - obviously nothing wrong with that but he spent the whole night offloading on me about it and was a bit weird. Again still very generous to me though so shouldn't complain.
    3. A girl who said she'd leave a key out for me in case i got there before she was back from work. I told her it would be unlikely, but ended up being quicker than I thought so I let myself in. She came in about 10 minutes later and i was sat on her sofa with a glass of water. She absolutely shit herself as she assumed I hadn't arrived. I apologised profusely and after a few mins she said it was fine, but she seemed pissed off at me and the rest of the evening was just awkward.

    Thinking back now I can recall 10 places I stayed off the top of my head. All other stays were really welcoming. People cooked for me, took me to restaurants, let me do my laundry, one had a hot tub and i stayed for 3 days, loads gave me beers, another offered to take me on a wine tour, one took me to a local hot springs they worked at. Saw some amazing houses, had some great conversations.

    I stopped using it in the end though, it was a bit of hassle as people usually wanted to know exactly what day and time you'd arrive so i felt rushed at times. Also, sounds ungrateful but i was often too knackered to make conversation all night so I felt bad. I always used to try and turn up with a bottle of wine or some beers though, or offer to take them out for food.

    Bit different in the States I think, hosts are used to loads of cyclists coming through on the ACA routes. Half of the hosts weren't even cyclists.

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