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  • The shop decided not to pack the box of ammo i ordered, 20 saltwater flies, so i chopped up an old mackrel feather rig into singles.
    Then decided to glue beads over the pointy bits as a practice tip that will hurt but not stick into the back of my head.
    Until the actual flies turn up....... just been out having a flick about..... only hit myself 3 times.....

    So far i am learning that flicking out to 15 - 20m is actually ok, getting out to 30m will take a lot of practice and better line. And 20 - 25m is most likely max distance for me.

    Fly casting is very very different to spinners or beach/surf casting.

  • you prob hit yourself because they're so heavy and giving too much of a whip effect. I remember practicing as a nipper with nothing tied on the end, just the weight of the line.


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