• So i brought a Steamroller.

    Was about to pull the trigger on a new Big Block when i spotted it on the forum for a good price. I always figured the B.B would be a lighter more lively ride but as they share quite a few of the same characteristics i thought instead of buying something new i'll instantly loose money on i'll try this first to see how i like it.

    Condition wise it's looking good, the previous owner has buffed the paint up but i'll be happy to let it fade and show it's scars as this will need to be locked up from time to time.

    And this is what it looks like now.

    Essentially a brown version of my Argos... Although it's definitely a little heavier than the 531c tubing i've been riding first impressions are good. Picture shows it setup as close to the Argos as i could get and it feels fairly similar. Other than cranks and wheels all the parts have come out of my scruffy parts box, the Hope b.b was a good upgrade on the Argos but i've used the old standard GXP to keep the value down plus there was nothing wrong with it. I can comfortably shave half a kilo off there without spending any money and if i get on with it i may consider a weenie wheelset for sunny days.

    In terms of being a more flexible bike i now have a massive tyre choice including cx knobblies for mud or snow. The option to go single speed for more relaxed riding and probably most importantly for me right now a bike that can be easily replaced if it gets nicked.


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