• Non insurance related update...

    Cleaned up the CAAD and tried a new cockpit, 110mm Deda with so Neo Classic bars, ignore shoddy bartaping.

    Maybe due to the lack of road riding lately the 110 felt a little long for me and being the first time i've used NC's i don't think i've got the angle or hood position right. I'll try a 100 and dialing in the bars but sadly i'm fairly convinced now this isn't the right bike for me.

    Did a long weekend in Wales last week and once again the Iroko proved it's worth and put a big smile on my face. Day one nailed (survived) the blues and a few reds at BPW and day 2 did the Gap road at the Brecons which simply stunning and a great way to sweat out a cold. I'm normally looking for any excuse to change/upgrade stuff but i came away from the weekend feeling that for my level of riding all i need to do is make sure it's setup just right for with everything functioning as it should. So ignoring the fact i've shown interest in a fellow forumonger's Manitou's i'm planning on spending some of my sales cash on the MTB service gear i currently don't own to learn the dark arts.

    Oh, and after saying i didn't want a Surly i picked up a Steamroller frame this week, more on that in a bit.


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