• Hi,

    on the 28th of Aug this week a lady pulled out in front of me and a friend trying to make it through the lights - fully skipped a red light. (See video - White BMW)

    In the process, she caused the gentlemen in front of me to stop abruptly which then had a knock-on effect causing me to come off the front of my handlebars.

    I landed on my shoulder and knee injuring both (can't walk or lift my arm), cracked my helmet and sustained some grazes to me left leg and shoulder.

    I was wondering what my legal rights are in a situation like this? I really just want my expenses covered (ie. cracked helmet and physio appointment).


    See the video attached or image

    IMG: https://imgur.com/afLpp1k

    Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/poz8ntf6k9eb8f­i/Video-Essex-Road-Accident%20%281%29.mp­4?dl=0

  • Talk to Leigh Day. They may be able to help. My layman's knowledge would lead me to believe that you probably don't have a legal case against her. But I'm sure that the police would like to see that footage of her jumping a red light and leaving the scene of an accident. You probably won't get any money from her, but please report this to the police, at the very least.


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