• How about decent insurance instead?

    Bikmo insurance are great and replaced my stolen, non-stock Croix de Fer cockpit within 24 hours (cash). Another option perhaps...?

  • I have, the problem is the cost of specialist insurance. I seem to recall when i looked into it the cost of insuring the Argos, CAAD, Iroko and my girlfriends Condor was something like £250 a year.

    I currently have the Argos, CAAD and Iroko valued at 1k and the Condor at 2k all on my home insurance. Cost me about £80 on top of my reg insurance. Assuming the above figure is correct that's too much extra to justify.

    I've never had any issues with JL insurance (got burgled, they were good), but i know in reality the custom Argos and CAAD would cause real headache's to resolve in the case of a quote when using non specialist bike insurance. So instead of paying a lot more for specialist insurance i think i'd prefer to switch my stable to much more replaceable/cheaper to insure bikes.

    @LeePaton Arkose is on the list but not for my daily, it would be the bike i'd buy if i wanted to go touring again, and then i'd sell it when i got back!


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