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  • Clapton CFC away kit:

  • Clapton

    Played 5-a-side on and off with an ex-Clapton player (not naming names, I don't think he was supposed to be ruining himself in the off-season, he's not listed in the current squad though) for the last few months. Stupidly hard shot (just like mine) although he managed his with almost zero backlift.

    Amazing just how outclassed everyone else felt with him playing. The gulf in ability, even to a non-league amateur like him, was obvious; especially as he seemed to only bother to put in about 20%.

  • I think at that level there's not a lot of control about what players do outside of their clubs.

    There are a lot of players from the Isthmian League, ESL and other leagues at that level playing in Hackney Marshes on Sundays as well.

    A couple of years ago I came up against Shomari Barnwell, who at that time had left Clapton for Dagenham and Redbridge, on a Sunday- he definitely shouldn't have been playing Sunday League!


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