• Bike one is my Argos commuter. In most cases it gets me from A to B pretty well but issues include a max tyre size of 25c, unable to fit a front guard with current fork (can fit one with my Time carbon) and it's not the most relaxed for weekend chill rides. Biggest problem for me though is not being able to lock it up. I now have regular work meetings in central and me and my girlfriend would like to be out and about on the weekend but i'm just really not cool with leaving it out. I recently put all my bikes on my home insurance which covers out of house use but the Argos is essentially unclaimable as it's a custom frame and a bunch of random parts.

    So as the frame is now looking a little tired i've decided to remove much of the shiny stuff, de-logo what i can in a bid to get more comfortable leaving it outside. I've also built a more relaxed cockpit for weekend riding (brake lever in post). Parts used were mostly free or too scruffy to sell, i've been speaking with Condor regarding ordering a hexlox kit and i'm considering switching the CK for an old black steel A9 i have in the spares box. Not a fan of quill adaptors but i'm happy with how this looks for now, pretty surprising just how much stiffer it is with oversize bars.


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