• Trying really hard to have 3 bikes that do everything I need/want them to. My current three have all been great and exceed expectations in many areas but I still get frustrated that I can’t just go for a ride without knowing what the conditions are going to be like or that locking my bike up reduces me to a panic attack.

    The plan is to see what can be done to improve the durability of each bike or potentially to look at frame swaps that would increase usability.

    To raise funds and to reduce clutter and the risk of starting new projects I’ve been having a fair clear out of spares. In an ideal world I’d like nothing more than 3 bikes, decent locks, tools, a few service items and any items that help me ride more (BP gear, travel case, roof rack carrier).

    In a nutshell i want fun, hassle free, durable, slightly original whilst also insurable/replaceable bikes. Simples...


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