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  • Hey would be interested in general lfgss but tnrc looks good !
    Edit : see jaeyukdapbap answer below, no order in direct.

  • Hey, good sleuthing! You won't be able to order on that form... Can you edit it out so no one else tries? I've gone back and edited my post with it in.

    Basically, organising a standard forum flap will be a hell hole of people flaking out, dissapearing when they need to hand over money, logistical nightmare in terms of distribution both national and international, etc... I'd like to build the relationship up with a second order of these so RAW know we are easy enough to deal with and he'd be happy to handle a pre-order plus distribution (maybe even hold a bit of stock) of a standard forum flap. It would be an exception to his normal process so needs to be handled with care...


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