• Bit of a dredge post, I’m after a bit of help / advice from anyone with race experience please.

    My son, 16 years old, loves bikes and wants to race.

    The two BC cat 3/4 races he’s tried he’s been dropped and DNF after a few miles, just too strong a pace for him I think.

    He’s young and pretty fit - but It seems just not fit enough to be competitive at that level. I’ve suggested to him that he works on his fitness with my help, I’m thinking that he should do long-ass club runs and do intensive intervals and try to get used to the intense pace from the start. Also club people may well have experienced racers and be able to stretch him a bit (I can’t )

    It’s great that he has a passion and enthusiasm for something so positive and healthy, and I don’t want him to be put off too much by the first couple of race he’s done.

    Am I right in this advice? Anything else I should be suggesting to him? Many thanks in advance

  • I'd echo what @skinny says about joining a decent club with good support for young riders.

    How experienced is he in riding in a group? Sometimes a lack of bunch riding skills can see you spat out the back even if you have the right level of fitness to be able to stick the pace. Knowing how to hold your place in a group and always be moving up takes time and experience.

    Are there are any closed circuits near you where he can race against kids his own age? They are great for learning bunch skills and if you get dropped you can sit up, wait for the bunch to come around again and jump back in for another attempt.


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