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  • Funny this should be bumped today... Was planning to do this myself.

    I'm planning to start the conversation with Monsieur RAW this week about getting a new batch done for mid/end of September.

    The interest above will make it worth his while so really just need to see if anyone else wants in before I get in touch? I won't be able to afford to front the cost this time so we'll have to open up an order window with RAW and individuals pay directly. If you miss the time frame you miss out. I'm happy to hand deliver again as it saves everyone money but would want to add on a forum donation from each individual for this.

    Can you all update the list over the next few days and add whether you want just a back flap or a front and back. We'll need to know this for order quantity.

    Edit - there will be an order form to choose your specific flaps.