• A few updates. Finally happy with bar position and taping, I was really struggling to get comfortable before (numb hands etc). Located another cheap Kaffenback fork, this time with an uncut steerer so I can ditch the high-rise stem, just needs spraying pink before it can go on the Charge.

    Since upgrading the Charge (which used to be my town bike), I've become a bit reluctant to leave it locked up when going to the shops etc. This leaves a nice gap for a new beater for round town. A rummage through the spares found enough stuff to build up a 700c, disc, flat bar, ss. Just need a frame with 135mm rear spacing and horizontal drop outs. After keeping a look out on eBay for Genesis Day Ones and Pompetamines I came across a Cotic Roadrat, which fit the requirements and was snapped up.

    The frame arrived yesterday and the pink fork was taken off the Charge to use on it. All built up now, will hopefully grab some photos tonight. A very brief ride showed that 42x19 is way too low, I've got a few smaller ss cogs to try until I settle on a ratio then I'll get a fixed cog to bolt onto the rear disc mount.


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