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  • When they're more expensive than the walkable cleats, there's not much point. :(

    Looks like they have gotten more expensive.. There are, however, a number of use cases for V2 style over Walkable-- the later, can be made "Walkable" by Kool Kovers or their inexpensive Chinese knock-offs and can be "protected" for short walks by any of a number of covers from Speedplay and 3rd parties. For recreational cyclists the Walkable is perhaps a big plus-- the tiny bit of extra time to clip in does not matter-- but also with a downside: the rubber bits can fall offf (just like the Kool Kovers and copies but lacking a 3rd party replacement they are also much more expensive at almost 1/2 the price of a new pair of cleats).

  • Yeah, I already own multiple sets of both types of covers (cafe, KeepOn) so this walkable cleat provides very little benefit to me and makes my existing stuff redundant, all for the bargain price of >£50 - thanks Speedpray!


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