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  • This reckons they're the same, just red. Although it's the old cleat.

    I thought you were looking for the V2 cleats. (Pave still seems widely available in Europe in both standard and walkable variants)

    Pave vs. Zero?
    The dimensions are the same but Speedplay do claim they are different. I was told (by Speedplay) that while the Zero can use either the Zero or Pave cleats, the Pave demands the Pave cleat and should not use the Zero's cleat. I can only speculate from this that the C-clips are slightly different-- probably a bit stronger.

  • Hmmm, is that right? I'd read the speedplay website as suggesting that all zero range cleats and pedals are compatible with each other (and that should include the pave).

    Useful to know if that isn't right as I was thinking of getting a pair of pave pedals but don't want to have to run different shoes!