• Definitely paying the price for the ride back now but had a great night, thanks for organising! Graeme, did you mean to split after drafting the car down the hill?! Jim went to look for you but there was no catching you...

  • Not really. I got to the bottom of that looooooong hill, then looked back, saw no one, so went back up aaaaaaall the way up to that intersection where you said right at the roundabout, but it wasn't a roundabout. At first I thought it was Jim getting me back for last week, but then realised I must have missed you guys so just carried on. Was no probs, and was good to go with you guys for the part we did.
    Rest of the ride before was very nice too! I've just ordered a bunch of stuff, which includes new tyres.
    Also, piles, anyone ridden with them? :/


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