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    My name is Fedor Tikhonov, 29 y.o. I work as a copywriter in sport and craft beer industry, live with my sister and her husband. I am going to tell you a really strange story. From the start: I am an amateur road and fixie cyclist. Something close: my girlfriend went to study in Goldsmith last September. We should have met there, in London, I started doing a british visa. When visa was ready, we broke up. What I have got today: an opened british visa (which I never get again I think), road bike and wish to race a bike in british races. What I haven't got: money for an apartment there for 2 weeks and any special plan for races and group rides, people whom I know.

    What am I asking? Would be great if I can stay in a house with one daredevil, who never trusts mass media and want to show me cycling life in London . I can cook for you (except borscht), can sleep everywhere and have got around 330wt FTP. Matreshkas are included. Anticipated date is around September.

    Thanks all for reading! Hit me up if you have got news. We can talk in a direct messages.

    P.S. English skills are not so good, sorry about that.

    P.P.S I am not a fake. Instagram @jackplazma

    p.p.p.s on the userpic I race redhook Milano where my bones were broken up a wall. what a pity

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