• Oh, I see. So if I walk to Waterloo station from the hotel, then take the rail to Bracknell and cab from there it's a more reasonable commute; that sounds doable.

    re @Howard, I found a few spots up near Epping where I could pick up a trail bike; but it sounds to me like Swinley may be a better choice all things considered. Even if I find someone to ride with I'd likely want to stay out all day without imposing on anyone.

    What's the ride at Swinley like compared to Epping Forest?

  • I have a Xl cannondale f3 caffeine with a lefty fork which I'm planning to sale soon , happy for you to borrow with feedback in return, I don't get time to go off road and it's kind of wasted on my comute , of course I expect it looking the same when returned, pm if interested cheers


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