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  • Following on from my post earlier (here­), a short 2 month review of the Rando Bag Large...

    I've mainly used it for commuting 6 miles each way, ~3 times a week for 2 months. Mostly it's been great


    • Looks and finish is great
    • Quick to pack and remove from bike (and because it's not a rucksuck I can take it through security at work)
    • Love the pocket on top for holding wallet and sunglasses. Easy access
    • Magnetic buckle works great on the stabilizing strap
    • Magnetic rack mounts worked well (until they didnt)


    • Carrying strap keeps getting unattached from the hooks (when you put the bag down for example after carrying it). I ended up replacing the strap with one with carabiner-like hooks.
    • I feel the fidlock mechanism has worn, meaning the bag (when loaded) rattles around a bit more than before
    • The fidlock mechanism on the bag has unscrewed itself a few times. Usually I notice the bag moving and stop and screw it back in (thou maybe not tight enough?). However this morning the fidlock flew off the bike into path of a bus i was just passing. Luckily it had stopped so i swung round and picked it up before it got lost under the bus.

    The last one is a biggy for me. Im carrying an expensive camera in the bag and I really dont want the bag flying off the rack one day (thou I use the safety strap so this shouldnt happen). And also it's not ideal for such an expensive bag.

    Hopefully I can get replacement mechanisms to fix this.

  • Glad to hear the positives, they’re very similar to what I found. Re the strap, I found that as well and have suggested on mk2 the strap is sewn on one side and hooked or magnet on the other. Ill have to double check this but I think a couple of the fidloks haven’t locked correctly, (they have pins that are meant to stop them unscrewing like this) Nathan (mr Restrap) is at Eurobike this week but I’ll drop him a text and suggest you email Restrap about the issue on (if you haven’t already done so). Really sorry to hear about the problem.


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