• Made a few changes this week:

    1. New bb (XT)
    2. New cranks (XT with 38t NW ring)
    3. New calipers (TRP Spyre)
    4. Filed/hacked off the canti mounts
    5. New paint job!

    Picked up the calipers from the jumble at the York Bike Rally, to replace the mtb pull BB7s, an absolutely steal at £2 for the pair. Stripped, greased, and popped fresh pads in, much more feel to the levers now with the correct pull ratios.

    Happy with how the cranks are looking and as they're a triple they'll allow me to fit a manual shift granny ring for loaded touring.

    Finally, found an evening to strip the bike and paint it. Very happy with the colour choice, the pink really pops, though it's difficult to pick up with a camera phone. For reference the blue from Spray.bike's standard range went on a lot better than the fluoro pink, much better coverage and less grainy too. Time will tell how durable it is, but for £15 I'm happy.

    Ran out of zip ties to finish tidying the cables up and still have a light to purchase.


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