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  • For what is the UK's favourite sport after cycling, there isn't even a thread so I thought I'd start one.

    Off to West Wales in the summer and staying right close to the sea. Wanted to buy a couple of long straight things, a couple of windy things, some string, some sharp metal things and some shiny shiny things to bewitch the fish.

    What should my budget be and anyone have any recommendations or some tackle for sellz. Looking for two so my brother in law can escape with me.

    Might continue as a hobby afterwards o something that will last longer than a week is needed.

  • Best thing to do is go to a local fishing shop and ask, generally very friendly informative people.

    Alternatively second hand or cash converter type shops in beach towns can have a surprising amount of good gear at cheap prices.

    Main thing to establish is what kind of fishing you're doing: beach, pier, boat as that will determine the rod and reel you need. Then what kind of fish as that will determine the tackle and how it's set up.

    Fishing is great even when you don't catch anything anyway-outside, fresh air, scenery, beers/flask, good chats. Self caught Mackerel or sea trout cooked on a BBQ is pretty unbeatable too...


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