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  • For what is the UK's favourite sport after cycling, there isn't even a thread so I thought I'd start one.

    Off to West Wales in the summer and staying right close to the sea. Wanted to buy a couple of long straight things, a couple of windy things, some string, some sharp metal things and some shiny shiny things to bewitch the fish.

    What should my budget be and anyone have any recommendations or some tackle for sellz. Looking for two so my brother in law can escape with me.

    Might continue as a hobby afterwards o something that will last longer than a week is needed.

  • Do you plan to fish on a beach or off a boat? Boats = shorter rods, multiplier reels, heavy weights. Beach = longer rods, multiplier reel though fixed spool also works and is less likely to leave you with a "birds nest" of string as you call it.
    You can use beach rods on a boat but you're going to be a pain in the arse for anyone else on the boat as you have little experience in handling a long rod in a tight space.
    Rather than spend money on something you don't yet know why don't you book a boat trip from any Welsh seaside town or see if you can rent beach gear. If you read enough about it and like it once you've had a go then buy some gear. If you rush into a purchase you might end up with "Foffa"fishing tackle and nobody wants that.