• Minor update. Found a crack in the crank arm on my fixed gear, so the cranks of the Charge have been moved over to that. Put gears and rear brake back on the fixed gear too.

    Decided to make the move to HT2 cranks on the Charge. New XT bb ordered and fitted along with a new 38t NW ring on order. Found some old RaceFace cranks in the spares bin, fitted and remembered they're mega wobbly and 175 mm so a bit long too anyway, need to go in the actual bin. Got some older XT cranks from eBay which should hopefully arrive today ready to be sorted at the weekend.

    Also ordered a couple of tins of Spray.Bike to give the Charge a bit more colour, should be on with that sometime next week.

    Going to get some half decent pics taken of the other bikes too (90's Geoffrey Butler road bike/Titus 29er hardtail/YT Wicked 650b), as I fiddle around with them too.


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