• Someone a while ago posted a great tubeless emergency kit for out on the trail. Was it @spotter ?

    Had a couple days fully loaded offroad bikepacking round Exmoor (report to come) and we both put non sealing holes in our tyres due to smashing into rocks at high speed. (mine was a misjudged bunny hop over a drainage gully...BANG!) Had inner tubes so no big drama but would have been nice to patch and go without wrestling rim from tyre, pissing sealant everywhere and then being back to the worry of non tubeless riding.

    So, I need to sort out a trailside repair kit and also work out how these repair kits actually work and what they can and cant fix.

    The weldtite one seems well reviewed. I'd need repairs to be able to handle a few days of riding as most of my mountain biking tends to be multi day trips now.

    Your advice please!

  • here you go:

    I thought others may wish to pinch my idea for a tubeless puncture kit:

    I use a small IKEA double Ziploc bag, that's been wrapped in gorilla tape. Firstly this reinforces the bag, secondly you can unpeal it and use it as a boot if you gash your sidewall.

    Inside I have;

    1. Anchovies and insertion tool
    2. a mini bottle of sealent
    3. ParkTool's boot kit and quick patches
    4. a core remover and spare valve nut
    5. pair of latex gloves
    6. Tyre levers (not pictured)
    7. curved needle and nylon thread(not pictured)

    @dancing james do you think its worth putting into the first post for people to easily find?

  • Of course dear boy.

  • Fanx. I looked, but couldn't find it even though I thought it was you that posted it.

    What sardines and tool is that from? Any good?

    And is the curved needle and thread for literally sewing your tyre back together again?


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