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  • Yeah sorry, all the timing stuff I talked about was for the salbutamol one.

    She decided to give me a prescription for the Clenil then remembered that the peak flow should be done without the Clenil so although she still gave me the prescription she told me not to use it yet.

    I’d probably agree with your broad, general approach comment, though it does seem a lot better than the last doc who was basically “eh, you might have asthma, take this salbutamol inhaler and see if it does anything”.

    I think she expected me to do a lot worse on the peak flow so was a bit like “eh what do I do?” when I blew 625.

    I think I’m only noticing my symptoms very recently as I’ve only just started doing hard rides with other people (ooh matron!). Before I’d ride by myself at a slower pace and if I got out of breath then I just chilled out but now I have others to make comparisons to.

    Maybe worth saying, I’ve never (yet) felt like I needed to take an inhaler or anything in order to keep on breathing.

  • My experience with UK asthma is that they slowly increase dosages/levels of drugs (has to do with the fact that, in general, the less steroids you have, the better and also cost to surgery for different drugs is different). Brown maintenance is one of the weakest, but I had to "prove" to them I needed the 'red' (despite having been on the red growing up in Canada). It took 2 years and finally heaving coughing up blood in the middle of the night A&E visits before they believed me about needing to go back on the red.

    So if what you're doing isn't working ... you need to push to get things re-examined. Do what they say for a month, no results, go back. Unfortunately it's a slow as shit process.

    The other thing is this time of year is crap (new crop of pollen/irritants) -- my breathing hasn't been great the last month of so, despite having finally stabilized since moving to this country.

    Also, if you're breathing is bad to begin with, it may mean not enough salbutamol is getting to your lungs, so as a kid I had this spacer type thing, that helped ease the drug in... or you might just need more puffs.


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