• As those who have followed this thread will know, I took part in, and just about survived a 12 hour mtb race ( I wasn't racing anybody ) last year. I kind of knew deep down that I'd manage it, but that it'd be tough. I did, and it was.

    For a few years now, I've wondered how on earth people can handle 24 hour events. Thinking they must be well beyond me, and that I'd stand no chance, physically, or mentally. Something about it won't let go though, so I'm going to see if it can be done. My current aim is to attempt this is 2019, so lots of time to train & prepare myself. My anxiety issues are no better, or worse than before: sadly, this stuff just doesn't go away, no matter how many goals you accomplish.

    I think to acheive this, what I could really do with is a small team of helpers. I was fortunate to be looked after by both @IR and @Doctor_Cake ( who was mainly there for @Howard ) at Torq. I couldn't expect only one person to help over 24 hours this time, so at least two would be great.

    Anyway, this would probably be the event, I think ( albeit the 2019 one ) http://www.twentyfour12.com/

    At least I don't need to lose the weight this time :-)