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  • Pretty much. It's a bit disruptive in terms of dust and so on but not too bad if you get a good firm.

    Mine came to just over £60k all in (including party wall agreements, bathroom suite, carpets, furniture, etc), about £50k for the build to a shell.

    Firm I used was excellent but only does North London.

  • Firm I used was excellent but only does North London.

    oooo - can you pass on details of the firm? For some reason I thought the conversion had been there when you moved in.

  • I used these They do a lot of work in Haringey.

    The only issue I had with them was that the architect wasn't great. He was OK if you knew what you wanted but didn't provide a great deal of guidance. Given the thought you've already put into it that may not be an issue.

    The building side was very good though. Everything went according to the timetable, the other trades (electrics, plumbing, plasterer) did a good job and were there when I was told they would be and it was easy to get hold of someone to chat through any issues.

    In terms of building control, they used an external firm rather than the council. They seemed to know their stuff but had some flexibility (I had some lengthy chats with them regarding smoke alarms and fire doors).

    They do have quite a waiting list though, it was probably 6 or 7 months from agreeing the quote to the building starting (although it started when they said it would). That wasn't too big an issue as it gave time to go through planning and party wall agreements.


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