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  • Cheers!

    I'd need to check all the dimensions of the frame but yes everything is according to the bike fit. The 'problem' with me is the fact that I need a short toptube distance but if I go too short, I end up with my shoe against the frontwheel. So we had to balance a bit between stem length and toptube length.

    The Jaegher has a 110mm stem which optically is more pretty, but I do have the problem with the shoe rubbing against the frontwheel on tight, slow corners. It's not the end of the world, but if you're trying to avoid somebody during a cobbled climb at the Tour of Flanders i.e., it can be more difficult than you want it to be. ;)

    I've been paying attention to a lot of bike fit related builds and you actually see a lot of shorter stems compared to the standard length being sold in the shop. During the fit we played a bit with different distances and with the shorter length stem, I could feel my shoulder muscles relax dramatically.


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