• Interesting project! I got something very similar going on. Also got the frame of eBay. I went for a Surly Straggler Disc fork which does a great job but I am thinking about getting a Fyxation Sparta All Road.
    How is the rear clearance for you? Mine is super tight.
    I replaced this bike once but kept the frame and eventually came back to it because I love it so much. I was actually thinking of investing some money and getting some alternations done and a new paintjob.

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  • Dibs on the Straggler fork if you do go for carbon, suits the bike better than my Kaffenback one. Nice pair of builds, looks great loaded up!

    Clearance was tight on mine with 700c, could just fit a 32c + guards, mainly due to the chainstay bridge. Tight to the chainstays themselves now, with the Horizons, maybe 5mm each side? Not overly worried as they're slick, dragged it though plenty of mud this weekend and no rubbing, might be a different story with something a little nobblier.

    Back visiting parents in Shropshire this week meant a decent ride out on Monday with plenty of climbing, a welcome change from the flatlands of York. 85km and 1600m of up confirming that the bar position is much better, still need to re-tape the bars after faffing with lever position.

    Also confirmed that lower gearing is going to be needed for the TNR, tempted to just re-install the inner ring from the triple and manual shift for the long alpine slogs.

  • The fully loaded pic is ace! I dig that...


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