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  • Ok got the Straggler fork finally. Had bid on one, was outbid at £86 and thought winning plus postage would push it out past £100 so not much of a saving when I have a holiday coming up. Very next day a brand new uncut one pops up for £85 buy it now and free postage. £35 saving over websites new so went for it. Got it today and sizing it up and I knew the geo wasn’t the same but by eye it’s looks half an inch longer.

    Makes me a little wary so wondering Roller owners with Straggler forks how does it affect geo and handling? I enjoy the ride as is but want disc brake at the front and better clearance on the 35 tyre.

    I also like a horizontal top tube.

  • I had a 700c disc trucker for which isn't too far off (DT is 5mm lower trail and half a degree tighter than straggler). Rode fine, bit slow and swoopy in the corners. Here's the geo change from the stock steamroller fork to straggler 700 with a 32c tyre