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  • @popdown Forgot to say, super nice bike! Did you bodge an MTB shifter onto road bars somehow?

    @damitamit @TM yeah, I'd love a nice Restrap bag or something, way more than I can afford for now though considering that I've got panniers, rucksacks etc. that would all handle my <10km commute perfectly well! I'm going to try to get the Lomo to work but a nice future upgrade perhaps

  • Don't worry, I'm already spending the tiny amount of money that I have on bikes - my shopping list is currently another front rack + low-riders, a dropper post, new BB, new crankset, new tyres + tubeless conversion, new saddle, 650b wheels, a few sets of mudguards, etc. - a new bag is last place!

    And I'm eating beans, grains and veggies for most of meals to fund it #priorities


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