• So there I was in Brickenden, on the Potter's Bar route, having a wee rest and eating a High5 sport nutrition bar with a Best Before somewhere around late November 2016 when something occurred to me.

    You see the building over the road from where I was is the one used as a polling station, and this Thursday are local elections. Now it's far from a tradition but the last few times on polling day we have run the Potter's Bar ride. We have seen Brexit, the near collapse of Labor in local elections, the narrow re-election of the Tory government. Who knows what the future may bring in these turbulent times? Would it be good to give the people something stable (and possibly strong) to hold onto

    The kicker here is that I may not even make it, semi final 2nd leg away to Club Atlético de Madrid, has me undecided. The slim possibility of witnessing a miracle, albeit on the telly, vs listening with disappointment to the radiophonic broadcast of the commentary as I try and avoid that patch of gravel before Bayford station.

    Because of this I do not feel I should autocratically impose my whim upon you. So how about a vote? I would suggest Single Transferable Vote but I can't be arsed organising that so how about we all say what we want and the person who shouts loudest wins?