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  • Hello. I picked up a 2nd hand but never built up Steamroller frame, and finally got it built up just before Christmas. I work away in Africa a lot but have recently spent a great 4 weeks at home in France riding around on it. Never ridden fixed before but ride SS MTB for several years including when I lived in Sheffield. Planning to ride Chilkoot's Born to Ride 1100km event on it in June which goes down the Atalntic coast from Brittany down to Spain.

    Has any one experience of fitting 45mm guards and 32mm tryes to a steamroller. Brittany is well known for being wet...

  • Your picture doesn't work :)

    Haven't tried that combination, but based on what other people have squeezed in there, my guess is it'd definitely fit.

  • I've had 32mm with sks guards, they do fit but it's tighter than I'd like. Would recommend slightly narrower.


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