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  • So, Em has confirmed that I can pop in today and exchange the 53cm frame for a 59cm one.

    So by midday today I should be the proud owner of a brand new 59cm frame and forks. For the princely sum of a tenner to a good cause (The Evelina Children's Hospital).


    I'm going to build it slowly, buying nice bits as finances provide.

    Initial thoughts are 650b tubeless rims with something like Compass BabyShoe pass 42mm tan walls. Probably built fixed onto Phil hubs as I have never had any.

    A Paul Racer brake should fit nicely with a nod to DBAD for good measure.

    CK headset seems the right option.

    That's as far as my thinking has gone so far. Exxper that I am interested in something bullhornish for bars as again, I've never had any and always like the look of them.