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  • I have to say that I totally disagree.
    There is no logic to what you are suggesting imo. @JesperXT and a lot of other OCD type forumgers will back you up, but...
    If you change chainring size your decals won't be center anymore and it will always look weird from the NDS.
    In my mind it should be center to center, although not as you show it. Instead center of bb to center of where down tube meets head tube.
    Seat tube should be center bb to center of toptube/seatube junction.
    The DUELL decal you are referring to is not centered at all, it is too low and therefore can't be used as evidence imo.
    On very small bikes the decals should just be smaller to fit tubes, which should also be smaller because lower rider weight etc..

    I guess I am perceiving the bicycle as a complete 3D object, where your idea of decal placement suggests that you only perceive bikes in a flat side view picture plane.


    FYI: this rant is targeted primarily at @JesperXT :)

  • There's surely more than one way of doing this, and as your rightly say it's a matter of perception so different people will register it differently. I admit my perception is mostly influenced by what is seen on Mercians, Bob Jacksons, Raleighs, Joe Bell's work, and so on. I don't find this weird on NDS, for example, but I understand people might.

    @user80495 apologies for starting this, bike looks lovely


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