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  • Right, this is all closed for new names and list stands as below:

    1) YAL
    2) Oliver Schick
    3) Ramsaye
    4) mashton
    5) ruserius
    6) pt (posted)
    7) VEN x 2 (posted)
    8) Howard
    9) Scrabble
    10) middleofnowhere
    11) seager
    12)'brows. (posted)
    13) cgg
    14) Damo (posted)x2
    15) Jim Rod Munch
    16) Me

    If you've had a change of heart and decided you'd rather not have one after all can you pm please! I'm not a monied man and would rather not end up with 5 or 6 flaps to try and fit on the two bikes I own. Will have some time for proper admin tomorrow night, so will send out some pm's about paying for these and likely timescale etc.