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  • Can anyone explain why 20 people tell you they want to buy your parts when you clearly state that you are not splitting. And they all go “come on”. And once the frame is sold and parts are available noone replies. It’s not just 1 or two people.
    Or ask you about something that wasn’t for sale originally ask for pictures and even though its in perfect condition they disappear?
    Personal problems? Relatives died?

  • They want to see your dreams crushed with every turn of the allen key. People are like that... lol.

  • jezus died some 2000odd years ago. were all in mourning.
    but yeah dickhead move. dunno something about the interwebz that makes people behave like cunts.

    had a guy on local classifieds that threw a little hissy fit when i hadnt responded in 15hrs.
    promptly responded, gave him some extra pics the morning after in daylight and asked him about his thoughts. no reaction anymore.. much hypocrisy?! fecker.


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