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  • Yeah I remember you saying you’d been fucked up from a tick bite.

    So far so good, no flu-ey feelings or anything.

    I seem to have copped a bite or sting or something right in the middle of my forehead though. Presumably on the same day I got the ticks. Pretty good lump, reckon it’ll start talking any day now.

  • haha... I've a pal that went to Africa and had been back for a month when sitting in front of the TV his arm started getting really itchy-to his horror a big fucking stinking black fly then started working its way out his skin at which point he thinks he fainted because when he came to the fucker was nowhere to be seen.

    Srs though-the problem with Lyme is that it can be 2+ weeks after the event that you feel under the weather so you don't really associate it with any bites unless you get the rash. Apparently less than 50% of Scots will get it though because of genetics.

    Meh. Drinking cistus incanus tea is supposed to be a very good tick/mosquito repellent and also a natural antibiotic and antiviral for the future. I just ordered some so will report back if it tastes like thrice passed piss.


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