1. Replace Rival rear derailleur with a long cage X0 derailleur. Both for a clutch mech and to allow for a bigger cassette, because: Done.
    2. Dial in second wheelset. 650b with tubeless 2.0" RaceKing tyres and an 11-36 cassette. Done.
    3. While doing this I'll also replace the rear rotor with a 160mm rotor, because I couldn't stand non-matching rotors. On the 650b wheelset the rotors seem to be slightly more outboard, I plan to re-adjust the calipers for this rotor position and use washers to shim out the rotors on the 700c wheelset to match. Should work, right? And adjust the reach / lever position while I'm doing this. Half done.
    4. Get rid of the front derailleur and install a 42t narrow wide ring. Gear ranges seem to be quite okay for both wheelsets. Done.
    5. Take better pictures.
    6. Install bottom bracket.
    7. Replace tyres with 30mm G-Ones?
  • 6. Install bottom bracket.

    You ride without a bottom bracket? Teach me your ways, senpai.


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