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  • I've been dealing with the fallout of a tick bite for almost two years now. Not pleasant.

    Can't fucking believe they're out already... Used to be May was 'tick month'?

    Anyway-I'd been bitten loads of times before getting ill, but for most people the illness just feels like and lasts as long as the flu-the problem seems to be that ticks also carry Bartonella, Babesia, Erlichia and a fuck ton of other nice prehistoric infections so if you get one bite you can have a nice cocktail of bacterial turning your blood to shite.

    TLDR: If you feel fluey in the next few days/weeks go to the docs and insist on 30 days of antibiotics. If you don't have a rash and they refuse 1. tell them to look at the fucking NICE guidelines, or 2. if they still try and mug you off go promptly to your local Asda pharmacy and tell them you're going to India on holiday and need 60 days of Doxycycline, and take it at 400mg/day which is twice the docs here would give you but on par with France and Germany...

  • Fuck me I'm printing that out and putting it in a frame.
    Solid advice from, sadly, difficult experience.
    Thanks, dude.

  • I can't find that other thread with lots of this chat on?

  • Yeah I remember you saying you’d been fucked up from a tick bite.

    So far so good, no flu-ey feelings or anything.

    I seem to have copped a bite or sting or something right in the middle of my forehead though. Presumably on the same day I got the ticks. Pretty good lump, reckon it’ll start talking any day now.


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