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    Have you been to Paradise Palms yet? Drink coffee at Mr Eion then crossed the road and drunk the exact same coffee at Gamma Transport surrounded by fancy bike shit?

    12 triangles if you’ve not been yet. Also everyone always likes doughnuts.

    Gardeners Cottage lunch and dinner menu is amazing at the moment. Casual fine dining and their wine pairings are wet yourself good.

    Mostly EH7 centric recommendations. Other bits of town do exist.

  • Awesome, thanks so much. We're staying at a mate's house in Leith but will have a car to use too I think so getting about is easy.

    I have not been to Paradise Palms but I've seen photos and it's on my list. I've also seen Bread meets bread, illegal Jacks and the auld hoose which all look tasty..


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