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  • I think there's a degree of deliberate puritanism here (if it looks old it must be old) that misses the mark somewhat - the use of "aged Lume" is an aesthetic decision taken by the designer of the watch, the question to ask is whether the resulting design is cohesive and attractive, does said design embody elements that you can connect with and that tell you a little about the brand and the watch? Do you, ultimately, like it? If yes, then it's a success.

    If you don't like it then that's absolutely fine, it's not for you - but that's a personal choice based on your own sensibilities, it's not something inherent to the watch itself that fatally compromises it.

    It's the same thing that Singer do- a new car that uses much of the design of an older one:

    It's retro, yes - but it's not pretending to actually be a 1972 911, it's a modern car that uses a large number of the design elements from that era to create something new.

    i.e. you couldn't buy the car pictured in 1972, just as you could not buy one of the current watches back in 1972 - so saying just get an old one misses the point of these.

  • You’re absolutely right. The point of modern homage watches with faux patina, resurrected names and fake aged lume is totally lost on me. But hey, we don’t all have to like the same things. I’ve got a black bay because it’s waterproof (Which is occasionally useful), no other reason. Everything else is old. I don’t really understand your car analogy, the last car I owned was a 1969 Dino...

    Edit. Ok I thought about this a bit more. The problem is that this constant ripping off of vintage designs is causing prices of vintage watches to skyrocket (and a whole bunch of consequential effects such as more fakes in the market). This makes my hobby much more difficult. Because this doesn’t affect those who are only interested in “new-old” watches (arguably most aren’t even aware), I can see how the approach to copying old designs is perceived as victimless, but it’s not.


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