• I have an Ollech and Wajs chrono I took an eBay punt on last year, paid £130ish (not with the Hirsch strap!)

    I knew the chronograph was “hit or miss” but it’s never so much as worked for me, popped the back off snooped, Valjoux 7730, keeps ok time, phone app says it’s pretty magnitised.

    There’s a half decent watch company where I live, will they take a look and quote for a repair or will I have to pay upfront for investigation? Any ballpark guesses, £300 for a service and if it’s just a simple part replaced?

  • Personally, I wouldn’t bother getting that fully serviced as it’s mot cost-effective, unless you are very attached to it.

    Is it only the chrono function which doesn’t run? Do the start/stop and reset buttons actuate the levers inside? It could be something quite trivial which is stopping it from starting. The “start” function simply moves an initially static wheel to engage with another moving wheel to advance the chronograph works. The depthing of this engagement can go out of alignment, so see if you can study the movement while exercising the start/stop button.

  • Thanks for the reply, watch runs although a full wind only runs for 20 or so hours (should be 40 for this movement new if google is to be believed).
    The crown doesn’t stay out when setting the time which is annoying but fine, just the chrono doesn’t operate.
    The buttons do actuate the levers but there’s no positive engagement that I can feel (no click). I took a couple of videos I can share if that’s any use?


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