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  • This is meant as a general thread where you can stick things on the urban environment/things that affect urban life that don't need a thread of their own or things you don't think fit anywhere else.

    I didn't know where else to put this:­ondon-to-get-new-drinking-fountain-netwo­rk-in-bid-to-tackle-plastic-waste-a37478­71.html

    I like it and think it will be a much-valued public amenity when it's done.

    London, of course, used to have many more drinking fountains (as well as real horse troughs) than today, although I think all those I know of (mostly disused) are in parks. Having them in places like Oxford Street would be amazing, although inevitably there will be long queues, and I imagine constant maintenance will be required. Where I've heard of worthy local projects to restore such fountains in local parks, they have often ended up broken again after only a short time and without new funding to re-repair them. As a major public project, it will hopefully be consistently funded, and, of course, replacing broken taps every once in a while is unlikely to break the bank.

    London still needs other amenities, such as more public toilets, but these are slowly, gradually coming back, too.