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  • Mark 2 Speedmaster rules!
    I would love a Mark 3 as well. I tried to buy another mark 2 last week, client found it in a drawer at home , but when I went to check the state of the movement I couldn't shift the caseback. so sent it to STS and neither could they!! needed to be cut off.
    So couldn't risk it.

  • It’ll almost certainly a cross threaded caseback. Shame as it’s in nice condition. If he wants to sell it cheap i’d be interested

  • It was a "project" watch like mine was , so was battered needed new glass etc.
    And to be honest if STS couldn't do it without cutting off, then it needed cutting off. So straight away we looking at new case back , new glass before even considering the condition of the movement which we can't see because we can't get the back off.
    I did however try to steal it from him .
    That hazy one pictured is mine.


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