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  • Picked this up last week from a collector of all things Italian that I know.

    From what I’ve found out online (not much) these bike are not very common and only built for a short while. Unfortunately the decals had mostly rubbed off when I got it and there is a few scratches in the paint, luckily no dents or dings.

    Since I picked it up it’s been stripped of it tierd and worn 1055 Groupset, touched up many scratches in paint, removed remains of old decals and polished and waxed the whole thing including the chrome chain stay and fork crown.

    The plan is to build it up with all the bits off my current Specialized secteur comp.

    So spec will be.
    56cm x 56cm Columbus Aelle F+F
    Shimano 5800 crankset + brakes
    Shimano 5700 Brifters, FD, RD
    Tange levin NJS headset
    Deda quill adapter modified to fit lower
    Oval concepts wheelset
    New Schwalbe Durano 25c x2
    Compact drop 38cm
    Specialized toupe gel saddle
    New cables all round

    All I need to source is new seat post as current one has been scored badly and I can’t trust it and down tube cable stops which I should have next week. Eventely new decals from H lloyd will be added.

    Here’s a few pics I’ve got so far.

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