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  • This arrived today. Well pleased.
    SKX013-mod (38mm) based on a 62mas

  • I've been looking at those dials for ages now.

    Was it from by any chance? Every now and then I wonder about selling my stock one and getting one of their mods with the NE15 movement.

    Don't suppose you could post a pic of where the chapter ring used to be? Does it have a custom chapter ring, or use the inside of the case?


  • Funny you mention the AHW one. I have been lusting over that for ages and also have been seriously considering one with the NE15/6R15 movement. However no way I could pay that sort of price, especially considering import charges and postage. As such been looking into 62mas dials too. Saw this before xmas. Regret not snapping them up.

    While looking around for more dials, I found the watch on eBay (won on auction, from the Philippines!). Price inc postage inc import charges came in under 150gbp. Well chuffed. It looks exactly like the AHW one, though the crystal has a cyclops lens, which is a little unusual. Also, it is in used condition(9/10).

    Here are a couple of pics from the listing. As far as I can see there is no chapter ring. It’s difficult to get a picture of this space but it looks like the dial just comes right up to the edge of the case. If you can get a dial it would make a nice project. As some point I might try to replace the movement with a 6R15…


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